KidStuff - Find the closest kids activities, no matter where you are in the world. App revisa

Bogus doesn't work

Nothing comes up doesn't make sense even when i click on fast food near me nothing comes up I would like a refund

Good idea but...

Keeps freezing and crashing


I wish I would have read reviews! This is useless. Do not buy!!!! I want my money back!

Basically a front-end to the Maps app

What's the point? I can type keywords into Maps all by myself.


All it does is feed pre-typed words into global google maps. DO NOT BUY.


Horrible!!!! It sends you to NYC for a park search in Miami beach...

Rip off! You already have Google Maps!

This app is simply a portal to Google Maps (GM). When you tap "parks" for example, you just go to GM with parks as the search term; you get cemetaries, the local parks department, etc. There is no database besides Google Maps. There is no way to find McD's with playplaces; there isn't even a "playground" search term (although yes, you could add one). There is nothing especially kid related about this app. The title and description are misleading. Does not deliver what is indicated.

It could b better....

If u narrowed it down. When parents r looking for something to do with their kids it is a playground, something really educational yet fun, some great event where you can touch things or learn/see something cool, get something to eat at a really interesting place. What u give in this app is a catagorized list of "stuff" which leads right to a map, there is no info. For ex I touched park & 1 of the places it lead me to was a cemetery...why? Our kids want a cool playscape, I know of one locally open to the public that hassom learning Braille plaques in there as well as the things they love to play on....then again this is the only app that I have seen that targets kids activities so...........

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